Get Thicker Eyebrows With These 4 Tried And Tested Tips

by | September 23, 2020, 16:25 IST

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Not having to go super thin when shaping your brows is such a good thing; it saves you from so much excess pain. Now that having naturally thick brows is a thing, those born with them can finally relax but what about women with fine to light brows. Grooming them with brow products are great but they are of course only temporary. 

Your eyebrows need care just like the rest of your face and your mane. Your brows always tend to be overlooked when it comes to caring for them even after being shaped regularly and groomed with makeup. To promote eyebrow growth, you need to do a little bit more. But trust me, it’s worth it. These essential care tips will help you maintain brow hygiene, and stimulate growth for thicker brows. Read on to find out more!

Tips To Promote Eyebrow Growth:


#1: Gently exfoliate your brows to remove any product build-up and impurities. This will help maintain brow hygiene and stimulate growth. Use natural scrub. Mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice and one teaspoon of crushed sugar. Massage this mixture and rinse it off. 


#2: Always comb your bows. Combing stimulates growth and is necessary for good brow health. Use a steel eyebrow comb for best results.


#3: Massage your bows with castor oil to nourish and boost hair growth. Castor oil is renowned to thicken hair growth and also impart shine and moisture to the hair.

#4: Skip basic brow grooming makeup products and opt for eyebrow growth serums instead. The products ideally come with applicator brushes that will also help groom your brows and keep them in place while providing them with essential nutrients to grow thicker.

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